Let's meet in 2020
Events & fairs

Let's meet in 2020

Here’s the 2020 calendar:

VINITALY in Verona, Italy 19-22 April – Hall 8 stand G2 ;

PROWEIN in Dusseldorf, Germany 15-17 March – Halle  stand ;

MillesimeBio in Montpellier, France 27-29 January – Hall   stand  ;

SLOW WINE tour  New York, Eataly DownTown , on 24th Feb.;

Slow Wine 2020

Slow Wine 2020

Here is our page on the Slow Wine 2020, 

thank you so much for appreciating our work and wines! 

Gambero Rosso 2020

Gambero Rosso 2020

Here is our page on Gambero Rosso 2020:

MONTE STELLE 2018   2 bicchieri rossi  "red" 

SAN BRIZIO 2017          2 bicchieri rossi  "red" 

CAMPO BURI 2015       2 bicchieri 

ARZIMO                         2 bicchieri

FONTEGO 2018            2 bicchieri

SOAVE 2018                 2 bicchieri

VILLA BURI 2009          2 bicchieri 


Slow Wine 2020

Awards by Slow Wine 2020

We are happy to have been rewarded by the Slow Wine guide with the following awards:

for having presented all our wines with an excellent average quality for tasting;


Sommelier Ais Vitae 2020

Ais Vitae 2020

Here's our page on Vitae Ais Associazione Italiana Sommelier 2020,

almost 4 viti with our ARZIMO 

ARZIMO               3 and 1/2 viti

SAN BRIZIO        3 viti

CAMPO BURI     3 viti 


FONTEGO           3 viti 

Vini Buoni d'Italia 2020

Vini Buoni d'Italia 2020

Also this year we were rewarded

with 4 stars for all our four wines from native grapes

we presented for tasting by the Italian wine guide " Vini Buoni d'Italia" 2020.