Gambero Rosso 2021

Gambro Rosso 2021 La CAPPUCCINA

From the  Gambero Rosso guide 2021 

MONTE STELLE 2019  2 bicchieri rossi 

SAN BRIZIO 2018         2 bicchieri 

CAMPO BURI 2016      2 bicchieri 

ARZIMO 2016               2 bicchieri

FONTEGO 2019           2 bicchieri

SOAVE 2019                 2 bicchieri

VILLA BURI 2009         2 bicchieri 

Now that the shift to "organic" is almost obligatory for many producers in the wine-growing sector, the choice made more than thirty years ago by the Tessari brothers appears visionary and pioneering. Today more than 40 hectares overseen by Elena, Pietro and Sisto, are divided into three areas: San Brizio and Monte Stelle in Costalunga, and Pergola in Val d'Alpone.Their style privileges elegance and tension for the whites, richness and power for the reds. The Tessari family have submitted a high-quality wine selection, led by their shining Soave Monte Stelle '19, made with grapes grown in vineyards located in the Soave Classico area. It offers up delicate floral and white fruits aromas, while the palate displays great tension and suppleness, highlighting elegance and length. Theie San Brizio '18 plays on more mature and complex aromas, dominated by hints of yellow-fleshed fruit which come through close-focused on a precise, soft palate.