Slow Wine 2020

Slow Wine 2020

LIFE  The origins of this historical estate date back to 1890, but La CAPPUCCINA has always looked to the future: first, following the big freeze in 1985, it replanted its vineyards and introduced ORGANIC farming, then at the start of this century it bought new vineyards on Monte Stelle, built a new cellar and barrel room and now, last but not least, it has restored the 18th-century chapel. The Tessari siblings, Elena, Sisto and Pietro, run the splendid enterprise as a team. 


The cellar's 110 acres are spread around Villa Buri, the manor house, and the wine cellar at Monteforte d'Alpone, and on the basalt rock hill where the San Brizio crus are situated, and Monte Stelle crus at Costalunga, where it is possible to enjoy splendid views over the Soave. In some cases, the vast, well-located old plantings have been preserved: well kept with costant air circulation, then alternate with olive trees. "When I need to relax and recoup energy, I come up here and everything passes," Elena told us while she was wlaking us around. 


The wines reflect the elegance of the family. We liked Soave FONTEGO 2018 a lot, with its aromas of ripe fruit, nice freshness and a palate that has complexity to spare. Soave SAN BRIZIO 2017 offers aromas of honey and spices and is fleshy and long, while Soave 2018 is simple and enjoyable. Potent and full-bodied, CAMPO BURI 2015, offers leafy, spicy notes on the nose. Recioto di Soave ARZIMO, finally, is deliciuosly sweet. 


A wine that leaves one open-mouthed. It offers intense sweet fruti and citrusy aromas and a deft soul braced by freshness and a taut, mineral, root-flavores palate with an almond-edged finish.

Fertizers: biodynamic preparations, compost, manure, green manure.

Plant prptection: organic, copper ans sulfur.

Weed control: mechanical, mowing.

Yeasts: selected indigenous yeasts.

Grapes: 100% estate grown.

Certification: organic, converting to biodynamic. 


Thank you so much for appreciating our wines and work!