Slow wine video

News: watch the video from the Slow Wine guide.

During the visit for the new edition of Slow Wine with Corinna Gianesini, head of the guide for Veneto, we shot a short video together that will take you to the discovery of one of our vineyards, MONTE STELLE, right on the highest ridge, where once a volcano rose. It is a magical place, which always offers strong emotions thanks to its constant breeze.

It was June 23, on a very hot day, we did not discourage us recharged like photovoltaic panels cradled by the cicadas concert in the vineyard.

In about 4 and a half minutes you will find yourself in La Cappuccina discovering our centuries-old park in the villa and you will discover the origin of our labels that inspired us.

But we do not reveal anything else, enjoy the video and you will be with us.