Organic Pioneers on Cucina naturale

Organic Pioneers on Cucina naturale

Organic Pioneers 

Best wineries that have pioneered organic viticulture, creating wines of great expressiveness

Recioto di Soave ARZIMO 2015

The Tessari family has been applying organic farming methods since 1985.

They are successfully active in the Soave area, kingdom of the Garganega.

They obtain a refined sweet wine that expresses with great conviction memories of honey, tropical fruit and candied citrus peel; persuasive finish, of long persistence.

It's from this golden grape, called garganega.


Pairing: You can drink it alone but it will be delicious with caramelized pears.


The Organic evolution 

The EU Regulation 2092 provided, in 1991, that the words "wine from organically grown grapes" could appear on the bottles.

We will have to wait until 2012 to finally have the words "Organic wine".

In the meantime, the wave of winemakers adhering to this method of cultivation and processing of grapes with a reduced use of chemicals has grown at exponential levels, reaching in 2018 the quota of 110 thousand hectares of certified organic vines.

Written  by Pierpaolo Rastelli in Cucina Naturale