Gambero Rosso 2020

Gambero Rosso 2020

Here is our review on Gambero Rosso 2020:

MONTE STELLE 2018   2 bicchieri rossi  "red" 

SAN BRIZIO 2017          2 bicchieri rossi  "red" 

CAMPO BURI 2015       2 bicchieri 

ARZIMO                         2 bicchieri

FONTEGO 2018            2 bicchieri

SOAVE 2018                 2 bicchieri

VILLA BURI 2009          2 bicchieri 

The Tessari siblings, Elena, Sisto and Pietro, have transformed the family winery into one of Soave's most striking ORGANIC estates, bolstered by vast vineyards that span the eastern part of the appellation.

Here Garganega is primarly cultivated in the black soil of volcanic origin, along with traditional cultivars like Oseleta and Trebbiano di Soave, as well as red varieties. Their two Soaves take on the duty of representing the winery's top quality, SAN BRIZIO '17 and MONTE STELLE '18.

The former, aged in oak and then a year more in the bottle, is made with grapes cultivated behind their cellar. It impresses for the maturity of its aromas and its delicate palate. The latter, which is made with grapes cultivated on the high hills of the area's heart, exhibits a fine aromatic profile and a supple, juicy palate.