Slow Wine 2020

Slow Wine 2020

LIFE  The origins of this historical estate date back to 1890, but La CAPPUCCINA has always stood out for its look to the future: first, following the 1985 frost, it replaced the vineyards and started ORGANIC management, then acquired the vineyards of Monte Stelle, built the winery and barrel cellar in the 2000s, and finally restored the eighteenth century chapel. The Tessari brothers, Elena, Sisto and Pietro, lead this splendid winery in a collegial and rigorous way. 


The 42 hectares are distributed around Villa Buri, the manor house, and the Monteforte d'Alpone winery, and on the hills, on rocky basalt, where the San Brizio and Monte Stelle cru in Costalunga are located, with splendid views of the Soave . Well cared for, always airy, in some cases the large and well exposed old systems have been maintained, alternating with olive trees: "When I need to relax and get energy, I come here and everything passes," Elena told us during the visit. 


Wines represent the elegance of this family. We really like the Soave FONTEGO 2018, with hints of ripe fruit, a good freshness and complexity to be sold in the mouth. The Soave SAN BRIZIO smells of honey and spices, and is fleshy and long. The Soave 2018 is simple and pleasant. Herbaceous and spicy notes CAMPO BURI 2015, powerful and full-bodied. It closes in pleasant sweetness with the Recioto di Soave ARZIMO. 

thank you so much for appreciating our work and wines!