Father Lorenzo Tessari

Father Lorenzo Tessari

Dear Daddy Lorenzo,

the thought goes to you that, today you would have turned 90.

We would have celebrated you all together in the family at Costalunga with a magnum of Villa Buri LT dedicated to you, in a toast to celebrate.

Mum Gianna would have prepared a fish soup you liked so much and the 'tagliatelle' cake, with real fresh noodles, layered with candied fruit, raisins and almonds, a delicious and laborious recipe reserved for you.

Before lunch you would surely have gone to do your usual tour of the vineyards to check the state of maturation of the grapes during the upcoming harvest.

Your love for the vines: you looked at them and it almost seemed that you spoke to them and incited them to sprout and to bear fruit in harmony but with no hurry.

You taught us to look at the sky in the early morning, we, of course, coudn't sleep too much, you said: "The morning has gold in its mouth".

You only had to take a look at the sky to predict the weather of the day, certainly you didn't need any app to consult the weather forecasts.

To tell the truth, you never wanted to have a cell phone, you said everyone knew where to find you in the early morning, at noon and in the evening. Things really of other times.

10 August: Saint Lorenzo, the saint of shooting stars, your patron saint. It was a good habit to consult the calendar in choosing the name of the baptized.

Shining bright up there in the sky, dear Daddy!