10 good reasons to choose organic

10 good reasons to choose organic

10 Good Reasons to Eat and Drink ORGANIC:

1. Organic farming safeguards and improves the natural fertility of soil and the quality of surfaces as well as ground water.

2. Also the skin  of organic fruits can be eaten, because no synthetic chemicals are sprayed on it, it has a good taste.

3. The animals can freely and are not subjected to treatments with antibiotics as a preventive measure.

4. Organic farming rejects Genetically Modified Organisms.

5. Organic products are produced without any use of chemicals that pollute the environment.

6. Organic farming takes care of both the health of those who cultivate the land of those who eat its fruit.

7. The active presence of organic farms helps keep the rural landscape intact and harmonious, also making our territory even more beautiful.

8. Organic farming gives agriculture a future, because it returns to the soil all the nutrients that it gives to plants.

9. Instead of synthetic chemicals (fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides) organic farming is based on careful manual work and innovative and sustainable techniques.

10. With crop rotation, intercropping and the absence of treatments implying synthetic chemicals, organic farming enhances biodiversity, both of precious soil micro-organisms and of plants and animals, helping create and maintain the balance of Nature.