Soave & "Risi e Bisi"

la cappuccina soave risi e bisi  riso e piselli

I chose this recipe because it is one of my favorites and also because it goes well with our historic Soave white wine which thanks to its versatility, lightness and richness of vegetable and mineral aromas together is a combination that knows how to integrate well with cereals and vegetables tasty.
History and anecdotes of the recipe: In Spring it is a ritual of our family to prepare “Risi e Bisi”, a rice and pea soup, with peas that we collect directly in the vineyard. In autumn, in fact, we sow green manure in the vineyard, an ancient agronomic practice to fertilize it naturally and we also choose pea from among the various essences. Regarding the origins of this dish, we can say without doubt that it was an almost royal dish in fact it was a tradition in the city of Venice, offering the "Risi e Bisi" to the Doge on the occasion of the patron saint of the city San Marco, on April 25th. In Veneto the saying "rice is born in water and dies in wine" still applies, but I like to say that "rice is born in water and is enjoyed in wine".

Difficulty: easy
Doses: 6 people
600 gr of shelled fresh peas and their skins
300 gr. of dwarf violone rice
20 gr of bacon
1 white onion
1 knob of butter
extra virgin olive oil to taste
1 sprig of parsley
vegetable broth
parmesan cheese
white pepper, salt to taste
1 glass of Soave La Cappuccina wine

Cook the peels of the peas in the broth and then pass the broth through a sieve. Slowly wilt a beaten bacon, the well-sliced ​​onion, a little oil and deglaze with a drop of Soave La Cappuccina wine, add the peas to the sauté and cook for about 10 minutes adding a little broth. At this point add more broth and rice and cook in order to obtain a cross between a soup and a risotto. At the end add the chopped parsley, grated Parmesan cheese, pepper and the butter to taste. Serve on the table with a very cool bottle of Soave La Cappuccina white wine.

from The Veneto Wine Recipes of the Women of Wine: Elena Tessari - La Cappuccina

Pairing: Soave DOC La Cappuccina with "Risi and Bisi"

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