Useful tips – the right temperature

Useful tips – the right temperature


Serving a wine perfectly brings out its depth, harmony and distinctive properties.
It is therefore fundamental to serve wine at the right temperature! The so called “room temperature” cannot provide anything like the correct environment, due to the significant temperature variation over the year.

Our wines should be served at the following temperatures to achieve the fullest appreciation:

  • 10 – 12° C: crispy white wines such as Soave, “FONTEGO”, “SAN BRIZIO”, “BASALTIK” and “MONTE STELLE”;
  • 12 – 13° C: fruity pink wines such as “ROSE”;
  • 18 – 19° C: full-bodied red wines such as “MADEGO” and “CAMPO BURI”;
  • around 16° C: sweet wines such as the red sweet “CARMENOS”;
  • 13 – 14° C: dessert wines such as the Recioto “ARZIMO”.
  • 8 – 10° C: sparkling wine such as “FILOS” and “VILLA BURI”.

The temperature of the wine in the glass increases rapidly. We therefore recommend that you serve it one or two degrees cooler!