Slow Wine 2020

Awards by Slow Wine 2020

We are happy to have been rewarded by the Slow Wine guide with the following awards:

for having presented all our wines with an excellent average quality for tasting;


la CAPPUCCINA international organic wine 2019 SOAVE BASALTIK MADEGO CAMPO BURI

New organic german medals 2019

We are happy for the 4 new medals with the 4 wines we sent to the International Organic wines competition in Germany.  

Our award-winning organic wines are Soave 2018, Basaltik 2018, Madego 2017 and Campo Buri 2015: 

Soave 2018 is Gold with with 93 par-punkten / points

Basaltik 2018 is Gold with 92 par-punkten / points

Festambiente 2019

Awarded by Festambiente 2019

We were honored at the 29th National Exhibition of Organic and Biodynamic Wines Festambiente 2019 also this year. 

Our Recioto di Soave Docg ARZIMO 2015

has been chosen in the Selection of Wines from grapes of Autochthonous vines :) 


Recioto di Soave Docg ARZIMO 2015

SAN BRIZIO is 5StarWine at Vinitaly 2019

SAN BRIZIO is 5StarWine at Vinitaly 2019

SAN BRIZIO 2017 has been awarded  as Vinitaly “5StarWine” and evaluated with 90 points out of 100 and registered in the Book by the international jury in the “5StarWines” competition of Vinitaly 2019.

BASALTIK is Silver Sauvignon at the Concours mondial du Sauvignon 2019

BASALTIK at the Concours mondial du Sauvignon

BASALTIK Sauvignon 2018 has been awarded with a Silver Medal by the judges of the "Concours mondial du Sauvignon" 2019.


New medals for 2019

New medals for 2019

Happy for 3 new medals to our organic wines!


ARZIMO 2015 has been awarded with a Gold medal,

SAN BRIZIO 2017 has been awarded with a Silver medal,