La Cappuccina Soave organic wine vino biologico

Vinous by A.Galloni Feb. 2021

2019    La CAPPUCCINA  Soave  The 2019 Soave is spicy and fresh with a display of lemon zest, kiwi and hints of ginger. Its textures are silky, casting ripe orchard fruits offset by minerals across a medium-bodied frame. This cleans up beautifully with hints of sour citrus and an almost salty feel throughout the finale.

Slow Wine 2021

Slow Wine 2021

We are happy to have been rewarded by the Slow Wine guide 2021

with the following awards:

for having presented all our wines with an excellent average quality


TOP Wine to Soave 2019
Thank you, Slow Wine! 

And they are satisfactions!

Gambro Rosso 2021 La CAPPUCCINA

Gambero Rosso 2021

From the  Gambero Rosso guide 2021 

MONTE STELLE 2019  2 bicchieri rossi 

SAN BRIZIO 2018         2 bicchieri 

CAMPO BURI 2016      2 bicchieri 

ARZIMO 2016               2 bicchieri

FONTEGO 2019           2 bicchieri

SOAVE 2019                 2 bicchieri

VILLA BURI 2009         2 bicchieri 

New 2020 medals for our wines

New 2020 medals for our wines

New medals for our wines! 

MONTE STELLE 2018   Bio Millesime Challenge '20  in France - Silver medal  

SOAVE 2019   International organic wine award '20 in Germany - Gold medal 

BASALTIK 2019   International organic wine award '20 in Germany - Top Gold medal 

MADEGO 2018   International organic wine award '20 in Germany - Silver medal 

Slow Wine 2020

Slow Wine 2020

LIFE  The origins of this historical estate date back to 1890, but La CAPPUCCINA has always looked to the future: first, following the big freeze in 1985, it replanted its vineyards and introduced ORGANIC farming, then at the start of this century it bought new vineyards on Monte Stelle, built a new cellar and barrel room and now, last but not least, it has restored the 18th-ce

Gambero Rosso 2020

Gambero Rosso 2020

Here is our review on Gambero Rosso 2020:

MONTE STELLE 2018   2 bicchieri rossi  "red" 

SAN BRIZIO 2017          2 bicchieri rossi  "red" 

CAMPO BURI 2015       2 bicchieri 

ARZIMO                         2 bicchieri

FONTEGO 2018            2 bicchieri

SOAVE 2018                 2 bicchieri

VILLA BURI 2009          2 bicchieri