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A message of hope for future

We trust in our future! 
We will return to travel. 🌍 🌎 🌏
We will return to feed on beauty, culture and experiences. 🍇🍷✨
We will all come back to celebrate.
We will return to toast together. 

Our best wishes to you and your families! 


Nature gives us a hand
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Nature gives us a hand

Nature gives us a hand to start again. Nature operates punctually and silently.

The vine are blooming, very delicate flowers and scents in the Garganega grape.

Nature gives us the hope of continuing to cultivate it waiting for its fruit patiently.

A message oh hope from our family Tessari La Cappuccina
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A message of hope from our family Tessari La Cappuccina

These are difficult days, hard days. 

Spring has blossomed and it is almost impossible if we are aware about it.

The work ig going on in the vineyards and in the cellar with the appropriate precautions, we certainly cannot stop.

The cycle of seasons deserves its course and the vine calls us.

Let's meet in 2021 CAPPUCCINA
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Let's meet in 2021

Here’s the new calendar,

unfortunately many events has been postponed to 2022 but not all: 

WINE TO ASIA 2021 in Shenzhen, China, 8-10 June 2021;

VINITALY Verona, *postponed to 2022, 10-13 april 2022;

PROWEIN Dusseldorf, *postponed to 2022

 Fivi's Market 2019
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Mercato dei vini dei Vignaioli Indipendenti

The Federazione Italiana Vignaioli Indipendenti (FIVI – Italian Federation of Independent Winegrowers) has the scope of representing and safeguarding the figure of the winemaker in relation to the institutions by promoting the quality and authenticity of Italian wines.
FIVI groups together winemakers that meet the following criteria:

Vinitaly Gala 2019
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Vinitaly Gala

It's Vinitaly time and for us, being in Verona, it's always a very good chance to celebrate with friends from all over the world.

Big family, big party in Villa, our historical home decorated with ancient frescoes from which we took inspriration for our labels.

Evvia! Salute! cheers!