10 good reasons to choose organic
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10 good reasons to choose organic

10 Good Reasons to Eat and Drink ORGANIC:

1. Organic farming safeguards and improves the natural fertility of soil and the quality of surfaces as well as ground water.

2. Also the skin  of organic fruits can be eaten, because no synthetic chemicals are sprayed on it, it has a good taste.

A message oh hope from our family Tessari La Cappuccina
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A message of hope from our family Tessari La Cappuccina

These are difficult days, hard days. 

Spring has blossomed and it is almost impossible if we are aware about it.

The work ig going on in the vineyards and in the cellar with the appropriate precautions, we certainly cannot stop.

The cycle of seasons deserves its course and the vine calls us.

Let's meet in 2021 CAPPUCCINA
Events & fairs

Let's meet

Here’s the new calendar,

unfortunately many events has been postponed to 2021: 

VINITALY Verona, *postponed to 2021;

PROWEIN Dusseldorf, *postponed to 2022



Slow Wine tour New York, 24 Feb. 2020, Eataly Downtown, 101 Liberty St. Floor 3;

Travel booklet by Vinetia

Travel booklet by Vinetia

Travel Booklet by Vinetia *Among castles, mountains and vineyards *The journey starts from Soave, the medieval village that is the emblem of the homonymous denomination, the cornerstone of a production context developing in the eastern hills of Verona.

Slow Wine 2020

Slow Wine 2020

LIFE  The origins of this historical estate date back to 1890, but La CAPPUCCINA has always looked to the future: first, following the big freeze in 1985, it replanted its vineyards and introduced ORGANIC farming, then at the start of this century it bought new vineyards on Monte Stelle, built a new cellar and barrel room and now, last but not least, it has restored the 18th-ce

Gambero Rosso 2020

Gambero Rosso 2020

Here is our review on Gambero Rosso 2020:

MONTE STELLE 2018   2 bicchieri rossi  "red" 

SAN BRIZIO 2017          2 bicchieri rossi  "red" 

CAMPO BURI 2015       2 bicchieri 

ARZIMO                         2 bicchieri

FONTEGO 2018            2 bicchieri

SOAVE 2018                 2 bicchieri

VILLA BURI 2009          2 bicchieri