Villa Buri in the Grand tour Ville Venete

Villa Buri Tessari La Cappuccina in the Grand tour Ville Venete

Our Villa, Villa Buri Tessari, known as "La Cappuccina", is among the historical villas in the Ville Venete Grand Tour.

The Venetian Villas consitute one of the world's most extensive, refined, and rich cultural assets: more than four thousand Venetian villas, built by the noble Venetian families between 1400 and the end of the 1700s.

Civiltà del bere  Wow Monte Stelle Arzimo

Civiltà del bere Wow

We thank Civiltà del Bere for new golden medals to our wines among the best in the "Wow" Italian Wine Competition 2021. 

MONTE STELLE Soave Cl Doc 2019   

ARZIMO Recioto di Soave Docg 2016  

So happy for these new medals and appreciating of our work. 

"Movimento in Natura" Pilates in BioVigna
Events & fairs

Pilates in BioVigna

PILATES in our organic vineyards!

It's time to celebrate our 35th Anniversary of Organic Agriculture.

Saturday 5 th June
The event will consist of a tour with a visit and wine tasting. 

For more information:

Follow us, we have other events! 

la cappuccina certificazioni brc ifs

BRC and IFS certifications

New BRC and IFS certifications with Sringtime! 

We ae always committed to carry out all stages of production at its best

according to certified quality standards.

BRC is for Global Standard for Food Safety

IFS with a Higher level


la cappuccina soave risi e bisi  riso e piselli
Wine & food

Soave & "Risi e Bisi"

I chose this recipe because it is one of my favorites and also because it goes well with our historic Soave white wine which thanks to its versatility, lightness and richness of vegetable and mineral aromas together is a combination that knows how to integrate well with cereals and vegetables tasty.

Soave & Carbonara
Wine & food

Soave & Carbonara

// Wine and food

Today we celebrate #carbonara day for a tasty recipe called ‘carbonara’ spaghetti with bacon, eggs and parmesan!

We advise to match it with our SOAVE wine which, thanks its freshness and minerality knows how to balance the ingredients of this beloved food so well.