mercato fivi bologna 2023 la cappuccina
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2023 Fairs

Let's meet at:

- MillesimeBio Montpellier 29-31 January 2024 hall B2 547;

Vinitaly Verona 14-17 April 2024 hall 8 G2.



Gambero Rosso 2024  LA CAPPUCCINA

Gambero Rosso 2024

Gambero Rosso 2024 

Nestled on the eastern side of the classic Soave area, the Tessari brothers' estate is the fulcrum on which all production activity revolves. The vineyards extend for more than 40 hectares, especially in this area, which have been managed organically for decades, and are mostly dedicated to Garganega, but also red grape varieties.

Slow Wine 2024 la cappuccina

Slow Wine 2024

LIFE - The estate is based in a seventeenth-century Venetian villa with an agricultural function, originally owned by the Buri family, acquired in the nineteenth century by Elena's great-grandfather, Sisto and Pietro Tessari. The three brothers, who took over the baton from their father Lorenzo, lead this business with great sensitivity and attention to nature.

Villa Buri Tessari La Cappuccina Giornata delle Ville Venete 21 ottobre 2023
Events & fairs

Venetian Villas' day 21 Oct.

Your Venetian Villa experience

You will walk in a centuries-old park, immersed in greenery and history, discovering your own breath and the origins of the Villa among the autumn leaves, hugging a centenary tree and tasting the "Filos" sparkling wine of friendship.

New awards for our wines in 2023

New awards for our wines in 2023

  • San Brizio 2021 Gold medal Decanter Uk 
  • San Brizio 2021 Silver medal IWC Uk
  • San Brizio 2020
The rite of ringing the bell on St John the Baptist 's day la cappuccina

The rite of ringing the bell on St John the Baptist 's day

“What is a ritual?” said the little prince.