Pilates in BioVigna

"Movimento in Natura" Pilates in BioVigna

PILATES in our organic vineyards!
Breathe, taste, enjoy!
It's time to get back in motion!
It's time to breath deeply!
It's time to toast! 
It's time to have fun!
It's time to celebrate our 35th Anniversary of Organic Agriculture.

Saturday 5 th June
The event will consist of a tour with a visit to the 1725 Chapel, historic "Caneva" in the Villa and a walk in the centuries-old park and continue with a Pilates lesson with the teacher Laura Borghi of Ginkgo Pilates Academy combined with the tasting of two of our organic wines, SOAVE and FILOS Brut, for a perfect harmony between mind and body.


⏰  :
5:30 p.m. Reception with registration
6:00  p.m. Visit tour to the 1725 Chapel, the historic "Caneva" in the Villa and a walk in the centuries-old park
6:30 - 7:30 p.m. Pilates lesson with wine tasting

* The event will take place in full compliance with the anti-covid rules with single and spaced positions during the Pilates class. LIMITED SEATS

To participate you will need: an exercise mat, mask and towel (optional).

(including tour, a Pilates lesson and tasting)
reservation within 𝟯rd June 2021 

Place: immersed in our BioVigne

For more information:
✉️  segreteria@lacappuccina.it

Follow us, we have other events planned for this summer!