1650 Villa Buri Tessari Known as La Cappuccina

1650 Villa Buri Tessari Known as La Cappuccina

Villa Buri Tessari is awarded among the Venetian Villas.

We are in the heart of the Soave d.o.c. wine zone, a step away from Verona and Venice.

The elegant Villa Buri Tessari was built around 1650 by the noble Buri family and belonging to the Tessari family since the early nineteenth century, and nowadays, headquarters of La Cappuccina winery.

It stands in a land of volcanic origin, where vines have been cultivated for centuries.

It is surrounded by a centuries-old park and the estate’s own organic vineyards. Villa Buri Tessari is a monumental complex consisting of the main house, the chapel, the farm buildings and the cellars according to the original vocation of the Venetian villa.

The central building hosts frescoes with lively decorations inspired by country life. The private chapel, dedicated to St. John the Baptist, was built on 1725 and where, Capuchin monks once officated that’s why the name La Cappuccina, an oasis of style and tranquility.

The park can host celebrations and cultural events, religious functions can be celebrated in the consecrated chapel.

The Villa is surrounded by a centuries-old park with deodara cedars, box hedges, ancient roses and an orchard with vegetable garden and vineyards.

Trekking in the vineyard, walking along the Alpone river and biking around the hills. 

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