March 8th Women and Revolution in Venice

March 8th Women and Revolution in Venice

A Venetian event with an original menu entitled "Women and Revolution" created  specifically to celebrate Women's Day, in honor of women, in the spectacular hall of the fourteenth-century Palazzo Dandolo at the Danieli, one of the oldest in the city, full of charm.

Music, poems in memory of famous women, women who have suffered, women who have lived very intensely.
We have participated with our wines and we have tried to match them thanks to the collaboration with 'Le Donne del Vino association',

with Elena to represent. 

An articulated menu and we suggest the following combinations we particularly liked.

‘68 buffet with cutting boards of fresh cheese and salami 
The Arab Spring with floral salad with roasted wild seeds and fermented garlic hummus
Revolutionary oliviera salad, a Russian-style vegetable apetizers with marinated salmon and tubers cream sauce. 

Women and the '68  Fresh pasta with the shape of a Daisu filled with seafood 
Risotto Alda Merini classic Milanese risotto doc
Red Roses with marinated amberjack with red and rose turnips

Strogonov or Strogonov Beef Mignon with smetana sauce

Dulcis in fundo and you can't go wrong.

Mimosa cake

Let's celebrate women but above all honor them every day. Salute! 

We know it’s difficult to reply this menù but we can dream about or go to Venice or just toast with a glass of Fontego or Madego or also Arzimo.